About Us

Building a legacy of excellence

From humble beginnings, Tim started by doing framing and carpentry work for residential homes in Vancouver, BC. After mastering the necessary skills, he founded Tim Construction in 2012. Tim later relocated the company headquarters to Seattle, WA.

Since then, Tim Construction has grown into a leading commercial general contractor, specializing in home remodeling and commercial construction.

Tim and his team can execute both traditional and modern designs. With skilled carpenters and a commitment to craftsmanship and collaboration, the company has constructed many durable and unique spaces.

Our approach

We are committed to delivering exceptional construction projects through our expertise in craftsmanship, collaborative approach, and rigorous project management.


We believe success comes from understanding our clients' vision and collaborating early with their team and designers.


We are committed to price transparency and completing projects on time.


We are passionate about the communities we work in and strive to help you create enduring spaces that enhance our community.